Can You Manage Financial Setbacks

A lot of things can happen beyond your control, and oftentimes, they cost some money. You’d be in a much better position in handling the situation if you have some savings or emergency fund. However, the lack of either could send you to a frenzied state of panic. “Where will I get the money?” you ask yourself.

Then there’s an ad in the TV saying you could get a loan in just minutes, as if the universe has conspired and is now presenting you a solution. But can you really deal with your financial setbacks with the help of loans for people with bad credit?

Yes, you can.

Depending on your financial need and circumstances, there’s likely loans for people with bad credit that can help you out. You can take a bad credit cash loan if you only need to survive within just a few days. Or, you could get a larger amount with the help of bad credit personal loans. Whatever the odds are, if you approach the right lender and use your good judgment, loans for people with bad credit can actually be quite the savior.

But, you have to remember that while loans for people with bad credit are helpful, handy and beneficial, you also need to do your research before you sign up.…

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How I Save Money so I Can Be a Stay at Home Mom

mom love foreverWhen I decided that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, I knew that I would have to learn how to save enough money so that our family could live on one income. If you have decided to stay at home to raise your children, please know that it is not always easy, but it is financially possible. For us, our income decreased by 60% in one year as result of me leaving the workforce and my husband receiving fewer bonuses in a tough economic climate. Here are some suggestions that will help you reduce spending and live on a modest, one-income budget:

• Evaluate Your Unavoidable Expenses

-Housing: In most cases, your house, apartment, or condo should be no more than 30-35% of your budget. Evaluate your spending in this area and make changes to your living arrangements if necessary. It can be difficult to live on one income if your budget for housing exceeds 35%.

-Food / Household Supplies: Clip coupons and use money-saving blogs or websites to get the best deals on groceries and supplies. I use and to find the best prices and sale items for that week. I also try to plan a menu for the week to use what I have on hand and to take advantage of the sales.…

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Save More Money on Textbook Purchases

Textbook prices suck. They’re the bane of nearly every student’s existence. After the drain of tuition, rent or room and board, it’s often difficult to shell out a few hundred more bucks on textbooks, especially when you use them for only a few, fleeting months.

Yet most people buy textbooks without question, and often they do so at nearly the sticker price. Frankly put, this is a waste of money. Students are capable of saving more money on textbooks than in almost any other area of their education, but many simply don’t.

As a student forced to pay nearly $50 grand for an education at Northwestern University, textbook prices almost add insult to injury. Used books are almost as pricey, especially when purchased from the campus bookstore. As a result, I’ve developed a few shortcuts and tips to help save money on textbooks that nearly any student anywhere could put to good use.

textbook save

Don’t Buy Them
Sometimes, the easiest way to save money on textbooks is simply to not buy them. Crazy? Hear me out. From my experience, many textbooks I end up purchasing simply don’t get used at any point during the quarter. Some professors take a heavy-handed approach to the booklist on the syllabus, including books that are used infrequently or simply not at all.…

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How to Save Money on a New Spring Wardrobe

Warm weather is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe. There’s only one problem; your wallet is looking a bit sparse. How are you going to get a new spring wardrobe without spending a fortune? It’s easy. You simply need to follow a few simple tips to create a new spring wardrobe on a budget.

Set a Budget

The number one way to save money on a new spring wardrobe is to set a budget. For example, let’s say you have a budget of $200 for a new spring wardrobe. With this in mind, you can then determine how many outfits you want to have and how much you’re willing to spend on each piece. This will give you a better idea of how far your money will need to go.

Shop for Basics in Discount Department Stores

There is simply no reason to spend a ton of money on t-shirts, jeans and other basic items for your spring wardrobe. These pieces are much more affordable at discount department stores. For example, solid color tops can be purchased for less than $10 each. These tops are perfect for wearing under blazers at work or matching with a pair of jeans for the weekend.…

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